Tapping Into Authenticity

Watching this video I see a child that is free to express her authenticity. I’m watching this video over and over, laughing and clapping. I am inspired by this young child to allow myself to come out and play and remember what I am doing when I put on my tap shoes. I am dancing .. read more

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synchronicty May 30, 2011 at 12:21am I had an experience on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles this past week that I have to share. I was scrolling through my iPod to find a song to listen to when I looked at the TV monitor above my head. There was an image of a .. read more

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Laugh and the World Laughs With You

Just as one bad apple spoils the whole bunch,  so can the flame of one lit candle be used to pass on the flare to many candles.  Joy is contagious because it is our natural state.  So love it up a little.  Pass on a smile, a chuckle, or go all out and let the .. read more

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Express Yourself!

Watching this clip, I realize I DID KNOW THE STEPS, but I was not confident and I kept my arms by my side so not to draw attention to myself. I realize now, that even if I had missed a step, my arms expressions would have been more of a focal point anyway. Lesson learned. .. read more

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Happy 75th Birthday, Dad!

Post by Skipper Sams.

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Amazing Shirts Available Now!

Post by You Are Amazing .me.

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Breathe: lessons from a year in New York City

A year ago today I moved to New York City! I have learned many lessons over the last year since I moved to New York for it has been a challenging transition of many transitions.  I’ve moved five times, had three storage units, experienced being homeless for a month and I’ve mastered the sport of .. read more

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Being Positive about Being HIV+

Broadway actor Kate Shindle–from legally blonde, cabaret, wonderland–who used her year as Miss America for aggressive HIV/AIDS prevention and activism, sent a statement to read on the radio program “Being Positive About Being HIV+” “It’s incredibly disappointing that in 2013, we have the two worst elements of the HIV/AIDS epidemic–complacency and stigma–rearing their heads in .. read more

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emPower POSI show pt. 1

What an amazing show of talent and artist with a passion for creating a peaceful world.  Here are the songs and artist in the order they were played on the show. GOOD LIFE – Asha Lightbearer  FORGIVENESS – Austin Marolla THE STONES IN MY SHOES – Suze Hodge US & THEM – Anthony Burbidge HOW .. read more

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Poor Little Rich Kid

Poor Little Rich Kid – by Skip Sams “The next time somebody throws a fist at you, you go for blood!” I was completely and utterly awe stricken. This was coming from the austere lips of my mom. My sweet mother, the same person who taught me to turn the other cheek, to kill them .. read more

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