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I Am Better Than No One, But I am Better Than I Was!

  There are days that I feel so angry because someone has said something cruel to me; someone has betrayed me; someone has taken advantage of me and I want to get back at them. Or, on the other hand there’s that phrase, “be the bigger man and rise above it”.  To me that phrase .. read more

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The Worth of Actors Who Work For Free (And the Value of The Director’s Request)

Often, aspiring actors and musicians are asked to work for free, or sometimes more enticingly, “for exposure”. The challenge with the word “free” is that it immediately places a value of worth-less-ness. As a both a producer and actor, I find it most productive to use the word “barter”. There is always something one exchange .. read more

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Be The Peace

Be the peace you want to see in the world I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.I made the decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise.I… Posted by Skip Sams on Friday, January 15, 2016

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Skip’s Success Journal, January 2016

  My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success Creating a course together to navigate your amazing life! My Amazing Life™ is a powerful new success program that I created from the best parts of my work using the tools that transformed my life both personally and pro-fessionally. If you are ready to strengthen your power .. read more

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The Religion of Humanity

The Religion of Original Intention Hate is making us vulnerable Fear is killing our peace Greed is devouring our people And the hungry are feeding the beast Religion is not God’s creation The Kingdom He put in our hands Humanity is the authentic intention A concept man refuses to understand Lack of faith is what .. read more

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The Terrorist On My Bus

December 25, 2015 Today I witnessed something that was disheartening. No, it was sickening because it was a display of human hatred directly in front of me. What I saw I can’t even try to write it off as ignorance because that implies it may have been unintentional and demonstrations of hate are always voluntary. .. read more

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The Lady Who Swam Back To Shore

Did you hear about the woman who set out to swim across the lake? She swam halfway across the lake and got scared when she realized how deep the water was so she turned back to the safety of the shore where she started from. This is a silly joke I learned in elementary school, .. read more

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Happy To Be Me

Here is a chilling biographical poem I found I wrote a few years back. Happy To Be Me I couldn’t wait till I turned five That’s the age my mom said I was old enough to start Dance classes I loved to tap my feet I did not care that I was the only boy .. read more

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May The Force Boycott – Not Campbell’s!

To all those who are boycotting Campbell’s because of the soup commercial featuring a boy with his two gay fathers: Campbell’s Galaxy’s Best Dads commercial heats up homophobia It is important to keep in mind the All-American soup maker is not entirely responsible. Disney, who owns the Star Wars franchise, also signed off on this commercial. .. read more

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Shame On Sheen?

Shame on Sheen? by Skip Sams Another celebrity has come out and revealed to the public he is HIV+ and it is bringing the virus to the forefront of discussion again, for a moment at least.  What is unique about Charlie Sheen’s public announcement is that it brings many issues in the spotlight all at .. read more

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