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Happy To Be Me

Here is a chilling biographical poem I found I wrote a few years back. Happy To Be Me I couldn’t wait till I turned five That’s the age my mom said I was old enough to start Dance classes I loved to tap my feet I did not care that I was the only boy .. read more

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May The Force Boycott – Not Campbell’s!

To all those who are boycotting Campbell’s because of the soup commercial featuring a boy with his two gay fathers: Campbell’s Galaxy’s Best Dads commercial heats up homophobia It is important to keep in mind the All-American soup maker is not entirely responsible. Disney, who owns the Star Wars franchise, also signed off on this commercial. .. read more

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Shame On Sheen?

Shame on Sheen? by Skip Sams Another celebrity has come out and revealed to the public he is HIV+ and it is bringing the virus to the forefront of discussion again, for a moment at least.  What is unique about Charlie Sheen’s public announcement is that it brings many issues in the spotlight all at .. read more

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It’s Not Broke! (It just doesn’t work)

It’s Not Broke! (It Just Doesn’t Work) by Skip Sams Several years ago my late partner and I were visiting Lisbon with his elderly mother. We found it quite humorous that the five star hotel where we were staying had a few mechanical malfunctions: the elevator, the ice maker at the bar, a mini refrigerator.  .. read more

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Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution

Join me January 24th My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution by Skip Sams How many New Year resolutions have you actually kept successfully through a whole year?  If your say not many, or none, you are not alone.  Richard Wiseman of the University of Bristol had a study .. read more

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Born To Be Authentic

When I was a teenager, the thought of suicide crossed my mind many times. I was encouraged by a minister I had confided in not to tell my parents I was gay because it was common practice in the 70’s & early 80’s to give gay children shock treatments. I prayed and prayed for God .. read more

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We Are All Creative Beings

“Creativity is not reserved for the artist for we are all creative beings by nature. Tap into the Source and you will find you have all the talent you need to manifest everything you want to do, have and be.” – Skip Sams, Creative Coach For a free coach consultation, email skip@skipsams.com or call (847) 859-2676. .. read more

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The Gift of an Open Mind

It was a four hour flight between Chicago and Orange County and I was nervous about going to a facility that used the twelve steps as a base for recovery. After searching the internet for two weeks to find an place that did not preach the steps, there was only one that I found, but .. read more

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A Meaningless Blog

I don’t know what to write. No, that is not true. I have a list of ideas to write about but I can not seem to muster up the energy. That is not true either because here a I am writing words off the top of my head and typing them into my laptop. I .. read more

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Just Eat It! You Deserve It!

by Skip Sams It is so easy for me to purchase a delicious cupcake, pastry, or ice cream cone for $5 or more and write it off as the necessary expense of “I deserve it”.  Yet when I go into a market and I see the rising costs of fruits and nuts I think I .. read more

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