The Terrorist on My Bus

December 25, 2015 Today I witnessed something that was disheartening. No, it was sickening because it was a display of human hatred directly in front of me. What I saw I can’t even try to write it off as ignorance because that implies it may have been unintentional and demonstrations of hate are always voluntary. .. read more

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Merry Musical Christmas Classics from Skip Sams

Dear Friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! To help spread some Holiday cheer, here are a few of my favorite Holiday classics I recorded with Society Sound & Kate Shindle. Peace on Earth and Love All Around,  Skip

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The Christmas Waltz! Free Download

As a Christmas gift to my loyal followers, here is a link to a free download of one of my favorite songs on my Christmases to Come album. The Christmas Waltz

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The Lady Who Swam Back To Shore

Did you hear about the woman who set out to swim across the lake? She swam halfway across the lake and got scared when she realized how deep the water was so she turned back to the safety of the shore where she started from. This is a silly joke I learned in elementary school, .. read more

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May The Force Boycott – Not Campbell’s!

To all those who are boycotting Campbell’s because of the soup commercial featuring a boy with his two gay fathers: Campbell’s Galaxy’s Best Dads commercial heats up homophobia It is important to keep in mind the All-American soup maker is not entirely responsible. Disney, who owns the Star Wars franchise, also signed off on this commercial. .. read more

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It’s Not Broke! (It just doesn’t work)

It’s Not Broke! (It Just Doesn’t Work) by Skip Sams Several years ago my late partner and I were visiting Lisbon with his elderly mother. We found it quite humorous that the five star hotel where we were staying had a few mechanical malfunctions: the elevator, the ice maker at the bar, a mini refrigerator.  .. read more

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Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution

Join me January 24th My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution by Skip Sams How many New Year resolutions have you actually kept successfully through a whole year?  If your say not many, or none, you are not alone.  Richard Wiseman of the University of Bristol had a study .. read more

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The Amazing Mystical Cabaret, May 1st in Chicago

“You will be entertained and inspired to embrace your authentic self through music, improv and stories from the heart.” Tickets $20 in advance, $25 Door Skip Sams was diagnosed with HIV in 2004, bipolar in 2006 and has been free from crystal meth and alcohol addiction for nine years. He uses his original music, meditation .. read more

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Born To Be Authentic

When I was a teenager, the thought of suicide crossed my mind many times. I was encouraged by a minister I had confided in not to tell my parents I was gay because it was common practice in the 70’s & early 80’s to give gay children shock treatments. I prayed and prayed for God .. read more

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Coachee Testimonial – Laurie Hardjowirogo, Penguin Random House

“Though I met Skip Sams as a radio producer and musician, it is his work as a life coach that has kept us in contact with one another. Skip has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, to help focus their aspirations in a calm and meaningful way. He has guided me through career decisions .. read more

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