This is such an inspirational story of how he unthinkable materializes when driven by the mystical force of music. Click the link below to watch! Inspiration in Congo

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I Know It Is So, I Know!

I have a vision It’s out of this world Made from a substance I can’t see Yet I know it’s there I feel it, I hear it I can think it It’s real to me And I know it is so I know it’s so Yes, I know it’s so, I know No it’s not .. read more

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Welcome to my new cyber home!

Welcome to my new web site.  It is my belief that we are here on this planet to inspire one another, to encourage one another, to love one another.   I do this through my music, my art and my words.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity here on this site to do this with .. read more

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SkipSams.com is getting a Major Facelift!

The time has come to showcase the work I’ve done over the last decade or so. Check back for inspirational blog posts, videos, songs and plenty of affirmations. You are Amazing!

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