4 Baritones & A Lady Cabaret


These are some of the songs that will be in the cabaret. The songs with the * means that the cast will be singing. Much of it is simple background harmonies.

None of the songs have been assigned a lead (except How Holy Am I and Always Look On The Bright Side). Please let me know if any really speak to you.

* All You Need Is Love – by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
cast background harmonies (possible divided verses)
All You Need Is Love – Key F Harpsichord
All You Need Is Love – Key F Full Score
All You Need Is Love – Key F Cello


Eyes of A Child by Skip Sams & Mary Anne Cowgill
The Eyes Of A Child Gb pdf


First Kiss Hello by Skip Sams
First Kiss Voice
First Kiss violin


* How Holy Am I by Skip Sams
Skip & Cast
How Holy Am I pdf


* I Have A Voice by Skip Sams & Mary Anne Cowgill
Lines are divided up to cast members
I Have a Voice pdf
Rehearsal recording of I Have a Voice (new style)

Original Studio Recording of I Have A Voice


* I’m Coming Back by Michael Chorvat & Skip Sams


I Won’t Be Afraid by Skip Sams & Mary Anne Cowgill
I Won’t Be Afraid F


* Live For Today by Skip Sams
Duet (TBD) with background harmonies
Live For Today Bb Score


* Lost In My Mind –  by Chris Zasche, Josiah Johnson, Charity Thielen, Kenny Hensley, Tyler Williams, Jonathon Russell
Background harmonies. This recording is 1 step higher than our performance
Lost In My Mind Lyrics


* Sing By Skip Sams