It’s Not Broke! (It just doesn’t work)

It’s Not Broke! (It Just Doesn’t Work)
by Skip Sams

parts-broken-clock-1-6172148Several years ago my late partner and I were visiting Lisbon with his elderly mother. We found it quite humorous that the five star hotel where we were staying had a few mechanical malfunctions: the elevator, the ice maker at the bar, a mini refrigerator.  You would have to know Flo to fully appreciate the humor, but when the bartender told her there was no ice, she proclaimed “why is everything in this hotel $@%&*# broke?”  Somewhat taken back, the bartender looked at her and said defensively, “It’s not broke, it’s just doesn’t work!”  When we asked the manager when the elevator would be fixed (she was not able to take the stairway), he too replied “It is not broke, it just isn’t working”.  It became our joke for years to come that whenever anything wasn’t going perfectly, we’d proclaim, you guessed it, “it’s not broke, it’s just doesn’t work!”

Recently, I found myself in a pinch after a short health leave in which I was not able to keep up with my client base, nor was I able to market any campaigns that would lead to future business.  I was financially overextended and felt like I was hopelessly treading to keep my head above water. Blinded by the fog of fear, I did not see a way to safety and began to lose the motivation to even try. I felt guilty for not practicing the lessons of prosperity consciousness and not taking my own advise. I began turning down social engagements and telling my friends I was broke.

Upon hearing this, a friend loaned me the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. I read it desperately looking for a quick fix and began to realize that this was the same feeling I got when I was chasing after my old addictions. I was searching to get something outside of myself that would be an immediate relief for the pain I was experiencing. Then I read some words of wisdom that revealed the true solution: be of service to others.  When I looked around me I could see the prosperity in my home, my relationships, my recovery, etc. Though I did not have a steady stream of income at the moment, I was reminded that the Universe is my Source and it is continuously expanding and evolving. I have the power within me to be part of this expansion and to create a new perspective.

It was a great aha moment when I remembered the phrase that Mike and I laughed at for years.  “I’m not broke, I’m just not working!” Eric’s message reminded me to give of my time and talents so as to be of service to others, even if I wasn’t being payed for the moment, and to get back into the flow of affluence. If you feel stuck in your life, remember that to get out of the rut, something has got to give.  That something, or someone, is you.


Skip Sams is a Personal Success Coach, an award winning music composer and multi-media producer.  For more information about his work as a coach and/or an artist, send an email to

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