Just Eat It! You Deserve It!

man-eating-healthyby Skip Sams

It is so easy for me to purchase a delicious cupcake, pastry, or ice cream cone for $5 or more and write it off as the necessary expense of “I deserve it”.  Yet when I go into a market and I see the rising costs of fruits and nuts I think I am being robbed.  Someone expects me to pay $2 for an organic apple?  Are you kidding me?  That is what’s nuts!

Yet, truth be told, that beautiful, juicy, and organic apple  is what I truly deserve.  My body deserves delicious and healthy foods that will keep my immune system strong, my mental state functioning at it’s best, and my physical energy at it’s peak.  I deserve the highest quality foods that move me forward and allow me to feel great about myself.

If you are eating healthful foods, you will be more apt to live a healthy lifestyle all around.  You will have more confidence in your appearance as your skin, hair, nails, body fat, etc., all begin to reflect the conscious decisions of reaching for the foods you really deserve.  The very best sweets of all are the natural organic sweets from nature. Why else would they have been around for millions of years?

Trust me, I love my peanut butter cookies and pecan pie, and it is okay to enjoy these treats occassionally. Yet when I tell myself the lie that I deserve these “treats” every time I wish to have the sweets, I am inflating my ego with a false sense of entitlement. This “junk food for thought” becomes the fuel that weakens my mental, physical and spiritual health.

The truth is, when I am in tune with the realization that I have everything within me to serve my life’s purpose, I crave to nourish my body so that it may serve as the vessel to accomplish my work and enjoy the journey in the process.  On this journey I get to experience a variety the spices of life.  The better choices I make in what I eat, it’s just quite possible I get to experience even more.  After all, I deserve it.

– Skip Sams

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