May The Force Boycott – Not Campbell’s!

To all those who are boycotting Campbell’s because of the soup commercial featuring a boy with his two gay fathers:

Campbell's Galaxy's Best Dads commercial heats up homophobia
Campbell’s Galaxy’s Best Dads commercial heats up homophobia

It is important to keep in mind the All-American soup maker is not entirely responsible. Disney, who owns the Star Wars franchise, also signed off on this commercial. To really prove your point with a boycott, you will have to tell your children that you will not be taking them to see Star Wars and that the Disney Channel is off limits. Furthermore, it is imperative that you never take your family to Disneyland because it encourages them to live in a world that is based on fantasy and not rooted in reality.

However, if you do not have the heart to say no to them, do not pay with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Since you will not be able to use your Visa ATM card to get cash, you will actually have to go inside the bank. If you bank at Chase, Bank of America, Citibank or Wells Fargo you better withdrawal everything while you are there and find a financial institution that doesn’t do business with Visa or MasterCard let alone support marriage equality. OK, now that we have reconciled our convictions with the banks, let’s move on.

If you consider flying American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest or United airlines, you must stay grounded in your virtues. However, if you take an Amtrak train because they have just made “priceless family moments more affordable”, don’t be surprised if you see a same sex couple with children. What? You haven’t seen the ads? (Don’t Google them! More on this later). Moving forward, it looks like you may be walking because you’ll have to turn in the keys to your Ford truck. You also have to let go of your dreams of owning a Chevy Corvett. Didn’t you know that GM now stands for gay marriage?
Since Campbell’s is now out of your kitchen cabinets, you will probably want to throw away the Oreo’s, Betty Crocker’s frosting, Pillsbury biscuits, Green Giant green beans, Wheaties and Cheerios! And you know how every year you say you don’t need those Girl Scout cookies but want to support the cause? Now you have the perfect excuse shun them away! You know they allow transgender children to join, right? I guess since you won’t have the cookies, you will probably have no problem turning away from that Starbucks latte that you would have drank to wash them down. If you have been looking for a reason to sober up, you can finally pour the Budweiser and Miller Light down the drain in good conscience.
It is now time to disconnect your Comcast, TimeWarner cable and that Direct TV. When you hook up your digital antenna, do not watch CBS, NBC, PBS and definitely not the Disney owned ABC. The good thing is that you will not have to see those ads ever again.  And for God’s sake, disconnect your Verizon, AT&T and Sprint services!  Put down your Apple iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Nook. Absolutely NEVER search using Google (I guess that means no Android phones either). We already discussed Apple products, but make sure that whatever computer you end up choosing does not run on a Microsoft operating system.
Tide is not clean, Crest definitely is not snow white, and Johnson & Johnson may be coming out as a same sex couple. Contrary to some opinions, the Home Depot is not pronounced Homo Depot, but the company does openly support the lesbians who buy power tools. Do not buy groceries at any Safeway or Publix owned chains andWalgreen’s and CVS are definitely not the healthiest places to get your medications. When you transfer your prescriptions to Wal-Mart, please make sure to tell the pharmacist that you can not take any pills that are made by Pfizer. They may turn you gay.
It’s probably a no brainer to stop buying Calvin Kleins, but Ralph Lauren has been funding LGBT youth programs for decades. However, he is straight and has a “traditional” family, so it may be ok to wear something grey from his collection. You need to burn your Levi’s, Gap, Old Navy and American Apparel clothes too. Hell, you may as well go ahead and burn the contents of your entire closet. Do not replace anything by shopping at JC Penney. Ok, you knew that already, but add Macy’s and Target to the list. By the way, the Salvation Army is totally acceptable place to purchase garments. That is, unless you think you they should be boycotted for reselling any of the labels mentioned above.
And finally, the ultimate sacrifice. If you are reading this letter on Facebook, I suggest you take your mouse up to the top right of the screen and click on the little triangle that points down. When the menu drops, scroll to “settings” and drag your curser over to “security” and click again. Down at the bottom of that page you will see an option to “Deactivate Your Account”. Yes, Facebook, along with many of the corporations mentioned above, have spent millions of dollars and invested much time in supporting the efforts that favor marriage equality and social diversity.
I would ask you to share this posting, but why haven’t you deleted your account already?

Skip Sams is a composer, writer and success coach who has a passion for helping men and women reconcile sexuality and spirituality.  email for more info
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