My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success – FAQ’s

FAQ’s about My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success

Did you hear about the woman who set out to swim across the lake? She swam halfway across the lake and got scared when she realized how deep the water was so she turned back to the safety of the shore where she started from. This is a silly joke I learned in elementary school, but I can definitely relate to this woman as I have turned back to my comfort zones no matter how unhealthy they were.

When is this course offered?

My Amazing Life™ course will be start again in the early Spring of 2016.  Please sign up for my mailing list to stay informed.

Who is this program for?

My Amazing Life™ is desiged specifically for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, stop procrastinating, embrace their greatness and claim their success NOW!

Do you find yourself making resolutions or setting goals only to quit shortly after you started the pursuit? Possibly you were not clear on your objective (I want to get in shape), you were not mentally prepared (I’ll never look as good as I used to), or made commitments to the process that you dreaded (I hate going to the gym). You may have good intentions of creating an AMAZING LIFE for yourself, but for what ever reason (or excuse), you give all your power to fear, the opinions of others, or the belief that you are not worthy of success.

If you are ready to take responsibility and consciously evolve, this may be for you!

What will I gain by participating in My Amazing Life?

During the course you will begin to:

  • Define your own understanding of success that works for you
  • Create clear-cut goals to will inspire you every day
  • Dig into what it means to take responsibility your life
  • Identify your resistance towards moving forward
  • Recognize the similarities and differences of faith and fear
  • Replace your self-defeating patterns with affirming acts of self-worth
  • Develop your power to live authentically as the successful person you desire to be!

Register now! Only 8 individuals may register for this course.

There are so many programs out there, why work with Skip?

Yes, there are many self-help programs that are available.  I have worked many of them myself with great success.  Why?  It is all about personal connection to the material and the facilitator, author and/or coach.  Many have shared with me they that relate so deeply with my message because they identify with the struggles of my life experiences and are inspired by the tools that have helped my build on my success.

I’ve crossed many lakes in my lifetime and not always on a bridge.  I’ve been in recovery from crystal meth addiction for nearly 10 years and living a life of great health since I was diagnosed as HIV+ in 2004 .  In spite of a bipolar disorder, I am able to balance the ups and downs life puts before me.  In 2007 I found a secret that helped me quit smoking after 23 years! What’s more, having lost 60 lbs (under the care of a physician)I have been freed from the grips of obesity and have maintained a healthy weight for more than five years!  I am so grateful I have learned that I am not defined by any problem or diagnosis. My life is so much greater.  If this is true for me, I know it is also true for you!

I’m also living my dream as a successful composer, I have many wonderful and deeply fulfilling relationships, I get to inspire so many others to find their paths to greatness as a spiritual mentor and a success coach. These are just a few reasons why I am always proclaiming that “my life is amazing!” 

How much does it cost and what am I getting?

This course is fully valued at $1575. In order to fulfill my goal of reaching 1000 individuals through this work in various avenues, I am making this available to my loyal followers for only $775! That is over 50% off the full value.

My Amazing Life™ course includes:

  • 5 group coach calls
  • 2 private coaching sessions with me
  • Empowering My Amazing Life™ workbook
  • Unlimited emails with Skip
  • A bonus music and guided meditation CD! 

Why is this such a great value?

I have been sharing this work in workshops and retreats for several years now. These avenues are awesome and I enjoy them greatly.  Yet, it is a lot of material to get though in a short time, the people we connect with disband quickly and I rarely get to spend any individual time with the participants. This course is designed to give us several weeks to watch the work unfold as we get to know one another. You will also have the opportunity to practice what you learn and bring it back to the group to share and expand on your growth.

That said, the question of value is really a question that I encourage you to examine for yourself. If I were coaching you on this in a session, I may ask you to consider “what is the value of taking action and working with a professional with whom you relate to on a personal level?” I also may ask you “What will I gain (or lose) by not taking action and staying where I am right now?” Other questions I would ask for deeper exploration may be “Am will I know I am ready? Is it worth my time and energy to participate in this course and claim my success?” Finally, probably the most important question to answer is this: “What is my gut telling me? Is this calling to me? What am I willing to do to to commit to this and make participate in My Amazing Life?

This is a first come first serve basis.  Because of the nature of the work, registration is limited to 8 people.
Click here to register now! 

Can you be more specific on the the format of the course?

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to participate in five empowering coach teleconferences with a small group of other success creators.  These sessions are approximately 75 minutes in length. What’s more, you will receive two private coaching sessions with me so we can hone in your greatest individual needs. These private sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length.

When do the group tele-coach calls take place?

Group calls will meet on Sundays, January 24, Feb 7, 21, and March 6, 20, 2016. at 6 p.m. Central time.  (7PM ET and 4PM PT).  Group calls are approximately 75 minutes.

When are the private sessions scheduled?

The first call can be scheduled as soon as payment is made.  It is highly suggested that it is scheduled to take place before the first group session.  The second call may take place anytime that is open on my schedule after the class starts.  It is highly suggested that this call take place sometime between weeks 5 and 7.   Appointments are on a first come first serve basis and must take place during the course.

If I want more than two private sessions, do I have to pay the full rate?

During the length of the course, you will be able to schedule sessions with me at a reduced rate. We can determine together what your needs are and discuss pricing at that time.

What is the workbook and how will it help me?

Between each session, you will receive enlightening AMAZNG LIFE™ worksheets that will immediately begin to reveal the truth of who you really are and what it is you truly want.  The objective of this workbook is to teach you to begin coaching yourself. It is full of questions that provoke honest reflection of where you are now and exercises that will help you develop tools to get you to where you want to be.  You will be able to continue applying this valuable work throughout your life.

What do you mean that you are available through unlimited email?

Much of the work happens between sessions and is important to recognize the significance no matter how small.  I am available to give you encouragement when you need it AND be here to celebrate your victories along the way!  Most of the time, this can be accomplished through brief email exchanges. I usually respond to my clients emails within 24 hours or less during the weekdays.  I reserve the right to take a little longer on the weekends but it is still rare that I take longer than 24 hours.

What do you mean when you say “we will work together” and “I will partner with you?”

As a coach, I believe that every answer you need for any challenge in your life is within you, even if it seems impossible to see or understand. You are the master of your life and only you know what is true for you. Sometimes we may need an objective perspective to explore the possibilities that may be overlooked, dismissed, or hidden inside.  As a coach, I will help you find the tools that work best for you to reveal these answers and encourage you to use them in the best way possible. 

What is this bonus CD all about and how is it helpful?

As an bonus, I will send you a CD with my Be The Light meditation and five of my original inspirational songs that compliment the weekly themes. I like to think of it as the soundtrack or playlist for our journey. The Be The Light track is one of the most requested guided meditations in my workshops and will help you begin illuminating the changes outwards of your inner success. This CD is not available anywhere except my personal appearances, performances, and those I work with personally.

What if I don’t get anything out of My Amazing Life – A Course For Success.

This work has changed my life and continues to guide me in my evolutionary journey. I guarantee that with your thorough full participation during these 8 weeks, you will begin the process of successfully creating your Amazing Life now!  If after having finished all the work you have seen no results, I will refund 100% of your registration.