My Real Job

My job is not my work.

My real work is to do my job…and so much more. My work includes taking care of myself. My work includes my spiritual development. My work includes developing and sustaining loving relationships that support me and allow me to share the abundance of love which I am created from. My work includes having fun and enjoying every moment. My work even includes enjoying the moments that hurt the most, knowing that great transformation is taking place. My work includes learning the hard lessons and to share the experience with others by living the lesson learned.

My work is to be the light of the world and know this is not egotistical. It is egotistical to tell my Self I am unworthy of being this light and that the Universe is wrong. This process is a lot of work. It is my work to enjoy the process. It is my work to listen to the voice within and listen only to It. Listening to others may be tools, but ultimately, the Truth resonates from within. It is my work to filter, trust, and know.

It is my work to tap into the Source and create the life of the dream as told by this inner voice. I am created in the image of Love. Therefore, I am love. I am created in the image of the Creator, therefore, I am creative. I create everything in my life out of love, with love and for love. I create with passion. I know that everything I create is not for me alone, but for the entire world to share.

I am the light of the world. When I share the light of Love’s Creation, I brighten the day of the world around me. My light is contagious and ignites the spark in others who feel dim and unworthy. It is my work to use my talents, ALL of my talents, to inspire others to aspire to share their light and their talents. Like the flame being passed from one wick to another, the flame is fueled by the Spirit that lives within. This passing of the flame continues to make the world brighter, casting light on the shadows of doubt and fear and revealing the only Truth…we are all made from Love. We are the manifestation of Love’s Creation.

My work is to change the world by changing myself. My work is to change my perception of my world and to know that life doesn’t happen to me, life happens for me. It is not my work to change others but to be the change I want to see. It is my work to sing, to dance, to let Spirit spring forth in every action and every word.

It is my work to heal the world by allowing myself to be healed.

It is my work to bring Peace to the world by allowing myself to be peaceful.

It is my work to bring joy to the world by being joyful.

It is my work to bring prosperity to the world by allowing the Source to prosper me.

I am a loving, lovable, and GREATLY loved child of the Universe.

It is my work to be GREAT in all things, by choosing in ALL things, to be grateful.

It is my work to BE.

And so it is!

(Thank you, Erin, for sharing your light and inspiring me to shine!)

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  1. Posts like this make the ineetrnt such a treasure trove

  2. Hi Skip !

    First of all I would like to say I appreciate your energy and the eloquent way you present the universe at work in and for each one of us . I affirm and know the challenges and revelations people with HIV live with and applaud OUR transformations.
    It has been decades of growth along with day by day and moment by moment affirmations of gratitude for life and it endless possibilities of happiness, friendships, encounters .

    I have been HIV for 25 yrs now and was told I wouldn’t be here to see 28, If my friends could see me now. I lost so many to soon and feel their presence during this fantastic journey called life, they are my strength . I am blessed to have known some incredible souls..

    I’m sorry I missed your interview with Heidi . We have met at Unity and spoke briefly, Hopefully our paths will cross again.

    Best, Anthony Baltazar

    PS… if your on Facebook I would LOVE to follow your work ….

    • Hi Anthony, Thank you for your affirmative words and for sharing a part of your story. You are amazing 🙂 You can follow me on Facebook at and simply SkipSams on twitter.

      by the way, I am doing a special event at Unity in Chicago on May 1st…the Amazing Mystical Cabaret! Hopefully, I will see you there!

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