New Home

It has been years that I have been wanting to move to New York City. I was afraid of the images in my head of the people, the “competition”, and most of all, myself. I felt I was unworthy of living in NY because I was not good enough of a performer, an artist, a composer. That was my perception. Through my spiritual work the last few years, I realize that I am a co-creator of my life. Those fears are illusions based on stories in my head. I have come to an understanding that I get to choose my stories and create new ones that serve me, my Highest Good, and my community. I am grateful that I have a better understanding today that there is no competion. There is only LOVE.

Today, September 1, 2012, I moved to NYC. It all came together in the right time. I didn’t force it to happen. I prepared and enjoyed the journey. Today, I know I won’t survive in NYC, I will THRIVE because of my preparation.

Thank you, God!

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