Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution


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Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution

by Skip Sams

How many New Year resolutions have you actually kept successfully through a whole year?  If your say not many, or none, you are not alone.  Richard Wiseman of the University of Bristol had a study in 2007 which showed only 12% of the 3,000 participants succeeded.  That means 2,640 either gave up or did not know how to keep the motivation needed to keep moving forward. Whether your goal is to lose weight, make more money, create better relationships, etc., you must be willing to open your mind and allow new thoughts in to give you a new perspective on yourself and how you see the world.

“New Year’s Eve is an event. A New Year’s Resolution is a process that is practiced throughout the year.  DO NOT GIVE UP!”

I remember the year I lost 50 pounds, I would in the mirror every single day and see the same face and body but it seemed as though nothing was changing, but I kept my strong resolve. After a year passed, I took a selfie before showing a friend my Facebook photos of my adventures over the last twelve months.  Moving backwards, I eventually came to a selfie that was taken exactly a year before and my friend didn’t believe that was me.  I too was in disbelief. Every now and then I would notice a a sign of the physical change, like being able to move my belt buckle to a different slot or getting to but a smaller shirt. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t notice the small changes that took place on a daily basis.  It was only when I saw that snapshot that I felt the full impact of the changes not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside.

The greatest resolve in claiming a New Year resolution that is perfect for you is to accept responsibility for your development, no matter what. To be ready and on the mark when the clock strikes midnight on the New Year, make sure you know your goal, that you have a plan of action, good support in place, and most of all, that you are extremely passionate about succeeding . If you want to get in shape, what does “in shape” mean for you? Knowing this you can take action and develop the new healthful practices that will pump up a strong skill power that will supersede your sometimes wavering willpower.  In addition, when you get off track you have information that will either help you find the right direction or assist you in changing the course completely.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of help.  Seek out others who can assist you in setting your goals and chart a course for you to navigate your journey successfully. Joining a support group, a class at the gym, and/or working one on one with a success coach are just a few ways to get objective support and keep up a healthy pace so that you will maintain your amazing results for many new years to come.

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Skip Sams is a Success Coach who works with clients one on one and groups in workshops. Skip is also award-winning composer, multi-media producer and loves to tap dance. He currently lives in Chicago with his amazing cat, Spats.

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