Remembering Faith

It has been a week since I’ve moved into the Big Apple. In the past, I would have been leaving to go back home to Miami or Columbus by now, but not this time! This time, I’m home. I felt this as soon as I arrived last week. There was a change, like I’ve gone through a portal. Like I woke up and the place that was in my dreams became real. Even though I have spent several weeks here this last year, I’ve had the opportunity to experience many first: my first monthly Metro pass, my first experience re-parking on street cleaning day (yes, I brought a car), my first Sunday evening excursion to Trader Joe’s. One has to live it to understand it. I also bought a new bike and took my first 12 mile bike ride as a resident. This has been fun and exciting. Yes, I know that I am home.

I have explored neighborhoods, but have much more research to do as the place I am living is only temporary. I have two and a half weeks to find a permanent place. Though I haven’t found any new work yet, I have been able to work on things that I haven’t had time to the last few months: My production resume, getting my production reel together, etc. My work has followed my from Columbus. The school work with A+ Children’s Academy continues as I am finishing up the short documentary film and the web site. I also have touched up the title track for an upcoming film, Dreams For Sale, which is going to be previewed at the Coney Island Film Festival in a few weeks.

I am getting to make use of many of the spiritual principles that I’ve learned the last few years on a deeper level. Because of the practice time, I am grateful that I feel I am able to do so with peace and staying in the moment . . . most of the time. The challenge is that I don’t know the neighborhoods, I don’t know what I can afford in rent because I don’t know where the work is coming from and how much it will pay. I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything at all. I do have my moments, but I take a breath and remind myself that this breath is all I need. I’ve had enough experience with moving with faith to know that I am always provided for. As long as I stay away from trying to make something happen the way I think it “should” happen, keep an open mind and LET it happen naturally, all will be well.

I remind myself of the faith that took me into my second year of grad school at the University of Miami. A week before school started I had found out that, because of the recession, a chunk of my financial support was not available and my student loans were not going to cover tuition. I let the Dean know I was not going to be able to return unless I had some assistance. He told me that there was none available. I wrote him again and cc’d the President of the University. I had learned from my spiritual practices that God is my Source! Not my student loans, not my grants, not the University, not my pay check. I held to this and affirmed that I live in a Universe of great abundance. After a wonderful summer in Ohio with the family, the day arrived that I had to leave if I was going to be back in Miami for the first day of class. I packed my car and started my journey south, not knowing how I was going to pay the tuition or even have enough money to live. Half way to Miami, I received a call from the Dean and he told me that I was given a tuition voucher for partial payment. The only catch was that I had to be enrolled full-time both semesters. Since it was my last year, I only had to go part time the second semester. What this meant was that I actually was given more than I was asking for. I got to take an extra graduate class of my choice tuition free.

I have thought for a couple years that this most recent move to NYC was going to happen a couple different times. Both times, life showed me other plans. (I had work to do in Ohio and needed to be there to help start a new school) Yet, this time, it has happened in the right time and with ease. I moved here on faith. Now I get to expand that faith and not panic because I don’t see what is coming next. It is my choice how to perceive this time of transition. I get to enjoy this journey…enjoy the mystery…enjoy the moment of NOW!

I heard once that faith and fear are more similar than different in that they both are a belief in the unseen. I am choosing faith. Yes, I do have to put forth the effort, like I did when I wrote a letter to the President at UM. But that wasn’t the only effort I put forth to manifest the return to Miami: I applied for many grants, scholarships, etc. Now, three years later, I get to apply these principles with my increased awareness of faith, and continue listening to that Voice within that guides my thoughts and directs my feet toward the next step . . . wherever that may lead.

Thank you, Spirit of Love, for expressing Yourself creatively in me, through me, and as me. I know that it is your Will that has lead me here. You always succeed, therefore I am already a success.

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  1. Skip, you are in the path of love, light, enlightement, and abundance. Thank you for writing this inspiring essay which has enlighten my day.
    Carlos Perez
    Unity Ft. Lauderdale


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