Skip’s Success Journal, January 2016


My Amazing Life™ – A Course For Success
Creating a course together to navigate your amazing life!
My Amazing Life™ is a powerful new success program that I created from the best parts of my work using the tools that transformed my life both personally and pro-fessionally.
If you are ready to strengthen your power to manifest success,
This program is for you!
 During the course you will begin to:
  • Clarify your definition of success
  • Create clear-cut goals that excite and motivate you
  • Identify resistance that keeps you from moving forward
  • Recognize the similarities & differences of faith and fear
  • Replace self-defeating patterns with affirming acts of self-worth
  • Celebrate your successes everyday with great gratitude

Space is limited to 8 individuals

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The Terrorist On My Bus


On Christmas day I encountered an eye opening confrontation between two Americans, one claiming the other was a terrorist. I know who the real terrorist was on the bus. It’s name is hate. The only way to stop hate is to live love.

When I recently shared this with a friend he responded sarcastically, “what are we supposed to do? Sit around the fire and sing Kumbaya?“ You know, I believe praying together as one race, the human race, is the perfect place to start. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.    Read On

The Religion of Humanity

Hate is making us vulnerable
Fear is killing our peace
Greed is devouring our people
And the hungry are feeding the beast

Religion is not God’s creation
The Kingdom He put in our hands
Humanity is the authentic intention
A concept man refuses to understand

Lack of faith is what keeps us apart
Our self-righteousness is where war begins
Our Creator has promised that Love never fails
Yet our ego always determines who loses and who wins

Let Love be our religion
Let us embrace as one human race
Each of us with a divinely unique purpose
All of us working in unity and with grace.

– Skip Sams

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