The Lady Who Swam Back To Shore

Did you hear about the woman who set out to swim across the lake? She swam halfway across the lake and got scared when she realized how deep the water was so she turned back to the safety of the shore where she started from. This is a silly joke I learned in elementary school, but I can definitely relate to this woman as I have turned back to my comfort zones no matter how unhealthy they were.

swimming-lake-bledAs 2016 draws near, you may be planning to make New Year resolution that you believe will make your life even more amazing than it already is. I have a tip I really want to share with you… New Year’s Eve is an event but A New Year Resolution is a process that extends through the year and beyond. Many of us quit even before we get halfway because we are not prepared, we make commitments that we dread, and we’re not even clear why we are making the promises in the first place! We have good intentions of creating an AMAZING LIFE, but we are not clear on what that means or will look like for us. I have a solution!

I’ve crossed many lakes in my lifetime.  I’ve been in recovery from crystal meth addiction for nearly 10 years and living a healthy life while being HIV+ for the last 12.  In spite of a bipolar disorder, I am able to balance the ups and downs life puts before me.  In 2007 I found a secret that helped me quit smoking after 23 years! What’s more, having lost 60 lbs (under the care of a physician)I have been freed from the grips of obesity and have maintained a healthy weight for more than five years!  I am so grateful I have learned that I am not defined by any problem or diagnosis. My life is so much greater.

I’m also living my dream as a successful composer, I have many wonderful and deeply fulfilling relationships, I get to inspire so many others to find their paths to greatness as a spiritual mentor and a success coach. These are just a few reasons why I am always proclaiming that “my life is amazing!”

My New Year resolution is to help as many people as possible reach the other side of the lake.
This is my inspiration behind MY AMAZING LIFE™ program. I am so excited to share best parts of my work and my own life lessons to help you get clarity on what really want, the inspiration to get you started, and the power to push you through the resistance! When you feel the water is getting too deep, I will be there beside you all the way to coach you and help you stay afloat.

My Amazing Life™ is desiged specifically for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, embrace their greatness and let their light shine brightly! Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to participate in five empowering coach teleconferences with a small group of other success seekers. What’s more, you will receive two private coaching sessions with me so, together, we can hone in your greatest individual needs.
Between each session, you will receive enlightening AMAZNG LIFE™ worksheets that will immediately begin to reveal the truth of who you really are… an amazing light with the potential to brighten up your whole world. What’s more, I will be available to you via email 7 days a week during the length of the program so I can give you encouragement when you need it AND be her to celebrate your victories along the way!

My Amazing Life™ program includes all of this:

  • 5 group coach calls
  • 2 private coaching sessions with me
  • Empowering My Amazing Life™ worksheets
  • Unlimited emails with Skip
  • A bonus music and guided meditation CD! 

This course is valued at a total of $1575.00. In order to fulfill my own New Year resolution, I am making this available to my loyal followers for only $775! That is over 50% off the full value. That is only $775 for the 5 group coach calls, 2 private sessions, the My Amazing Life worksheets, the unlimited emails and the bonus CD!

As an extra Holiday gift to you, my loyal follower, I am offering an extra $50 off if you register by Jan. 2, 2016. Simply enter CODE: Amazing2016 on the payment page.

I guarantee that with your through full participation during these 8 weeks, you will begin living and loving your Amazing Life now!  If  after having finished all the work but have seen no results, I will refun
100% of your registration.

Register now! http://www.MyAmazing.Life

First come first serve basis as space is very limited.
If you would like more information, please call me at (917) 387-6197 or email

Group calls will meet on Sundays, January 10, 24,  Feb 7, 21,  and March 6, 2016. at 6 p.m. Central time.  (7PM ET and 4PM PT).  Group calls are approximately 75 minutes.

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