The Religion of Humanity

The Religion of Original Intention


Hate is making us vulnerable
Fear is killing our peace
Greed is devouring our people
And the hungry are feeding the beast
Religion is not God’s creation
The Kingdom He put in our hands
Humanity is the authentic intention
A concept man refuses to understand
Lack of faith is what keeps us apart
Our self-righteousness is where war begins
Our Creator has promised that Love never fails
Yet our ego always determines who loses and who wins

Let Love be our religion
Let us embrace as one human race
Each of us with a divinely unique purpose
All of us working in unity and with grace.

-Skip Sams

I wrote this poem after becoming frustrated and saddened by all the hate speech, fear based bashing, etc that I keep seeing on the Facebook walls, television news, and from what I am experiencing first hand on the streets. It is not just one group of people….it is not just one side. Jesus said we can have Heaven on earth. Why are so many choosing to go deeper into Hell?

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