MY AMAZING LIFE™ – A Course For Success

MyAmazing.lifeMy Amazing Life™ is a new course that I have developed from my most successful work with others and my own personal life experiences ! During this course we will dig into what it means to take responsibility your life, create clear-cutting goals that will inspire you every day, and replace your self-defeating practices with the power to transform yourself into the person you desire to be!

The course will be available again in Fall 2017. To be advised of next registration, please join my mailing list.

If you are ready to strengthen your power to manifest success, this program is for you!

 During the course you will begin to:
  • Clarify your definition of success
  • SuccessCreate clear-cut goals that excite and motivate you
  • Identify resistance that keeps you from moving forward
  • Recognize the similarities & differences of faith and fear
  • Replace self-defeating patterns with affirming acts of self-worth
  • Celebrate your successes everyday with great gratitude
My Amazing Life™ course includes:
  • 5 group coach calls
  • 2 private coaching sessions with me
  • Empowering My Amazing Life™ workbook
  • Unlimited emails with Skip
  • A bonus music and guided meditation CD! 

For more information, contact Skip Sams
(917) 387-6197

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