Testimonial from Laurie Hardjowirogo, Penguin Random House

“Though I met Skip Sams as a radio producer and musician, it is his work as a life coach that has kept us in contact with one another. Skip has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, to help focus their aspirations in a calm and meaningful way. He has guided me through career decisions .. read more

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We Are All Creative Beings

“Creativity is not reserved for the artist for we are all creative beings by nature. Tap into the Source and you will find you have all the talent you need to manifest everything you want to do, have and be.” – Skip Sams, Creative Coach For a free coach consultation, email or call (847) 859-2676. .. read more

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The Gift of an Open Mind

It was a four hour flight between Chicago and Orange County and I was nervous about going to a facility that used the twelve steps as a base for recovery. After searching the internet for two weeks to find an place that did not preach the steps, there was only one that I found, but .. read more

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Skip was destined to be my coach! – Gloria S., Miami FL.

To schedule a complimentary coaching session, email or call (847) 859-2676 I love to hear from clients and am humbled when I hear that our work together has brought about life changing results.  This is a letter I recently received from Gloria in Miami, FL  “Destiny is kind of funny… I went to my .. read more

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Rise UP to HIV

Skip Sams shares his story to inspire others to Rise Up To HIV/AIDS. “Find freedom in knowing your status”

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A Meaningless Blog

I don’t know what to write. No, that is not true. I have a list of ideas to write about but I can not seem to muster up the energy. That is not true either because here a I am writing words off the top of my head and typing them into my laptop. I .. read more

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My business card

Spot Gloss Business Cards by Vistaprint

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Just Eat It! You Deserve It!

by Skip Sams It is so easy for me to purchase a delicious cupcake, pastry, or ice cream cone for $5 or more and write it off as the necessary expense of “I deserve it”.  Yet when I go into a market and I see the rising costs of fruits and nuts I think I .. read more

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“What should I see in a guided meditation? Is the visualization necessary for a guided meditation to be successful?” These are questions I have received on occasion. Relax and enjoy the video! -Skip Sams Post by Skip Sams.

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Mork on the “Disease of Loneliness”

I ran across this posting on Facebook. How ironic and terribly sad. Though Robin Williams ultimate problem was much deeper than loneliness, I know first hand how lonely the darkness of depression and the depth of addiction is.If anyone reading this is in that dangerous dark space and think there is now way out, seek .. read more

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