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Creation square ad“Creativity is not reserved for the artist alone – we are all creative beings by nature. Tap into the Source and you will find you have all the talent you need to manifest everything you want to do, to have and to be.” – Skip Sams, Success Coach 

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I work with musicians in recovery who are ready to reclaim their creativity and make amends with their muse.  I also work with LGBT individuals who are aligning their spirituality with their sexuality. Many have found that their road to authenticity led them away from the religion of their origin and left them feeling abandoned by a Higher Power. I enjoy partnering with men and women who are self-evolving and are on the cusp of coming out spiritually, bringing with them their own truths and understanding of the universe.

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What is a Creative Success Coach?

As a creative coach, I partner with individuals who are seeking to allow their creativity to flow easier and spring forth from the depths of their authenticity. Whether an artist, CEO, athlete, parent, etc., we are all creative beings. We can courageously tap into the source that created us and our ever-expanding universe. Together, you and I can chart a course for you to navigate the beautiful life you desire and deserve.

“Skip has guided me through career decisions by clearing out the clutter and zeroing in on what I was truly seeking.” – Laurie Hardjowirogo, Designer/Audiobooks at Penguin Random House (US)   For full review click here

I get to work with people who want to live the most meaningful life in spite of a diagnosis. Often a diagnosis is actually an inspiration to make new decisions and take directions toward a life that is aligned physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe you have the answers to spark the creativity of wellness within yourself. Together, we can begin to ask new questions to guide you on your new journey.

“Skip was destined to coach me through cancer recovery”  – Gloria S., Physician, Miami, FL.   For a full review click here