How To Prepare For An Argument

Have you ever been so angry at someone that you repeatedly rehearsed your argument in your head so that you would be prepared for battle the nexr you saw you adversary? I sure have! Conflict is part of the human experience. Sometimes we try to avoid it, other times we are the instigators. Maybe someone did something that hurt your feelings and you want to make them experience the same pain they caused you. Possibly, someone said something behind your back and you thought you should tell your mutual friends just how untrustworthy this person really is. Or maybe the person you are dating showed up 20 minutes late…Again!

As I began this journey toward authenticity, I came to realize that the one constant character in any fight was me, and most of the time I was really battling with the stories in my head. If I stop the internal chatter long enough, I may be able to see things objectively and become aware of my part of in the scenerio.

We often hear of this as “taking the high road” and being “the bigger person”, but thinking of ourselves as superior will never heal a bruised ego. The truth is that I am better than no one, but I am better than I was. With humility I am empowered to set boundaries, diplomatically and with love, while standing firm in my truth.

Today I do not need to tear others down to build myself up.

Skip Sams is a award winning Composer, Success Coach, and Motivational Speaker. He lives in Chicago with his cat, Spats.

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