“I Am Broke” – A Lie Of Self-Debt

LIE: I am broke. 

Just because you don’t have a cash flow at the moment, is it true that you are broke? What does that even mean? “I am broke” implies that I am not whole and there is a part of me that is fractured and incomplete. What I am telling myself literally and figuratively is that if I have money I will be whole and I will be fixed.  It is true that if I had more money at the moment I would be able to mend some of my broken agreements relationships with creditors.  Yet whether I do this or not, it has no bearing on if I am a whole person. There is so much shame about not having money. I’ve built up my credit so much that I’ve dug myself into the pit of debt. (analogy of a crane bracing itself to drill a big hole into the ground)

I am not a good manager of money so if I don’t have any, there will be nothing to manage. Yet this insanity keeps one scrambling to grab ahold of every penny one can get their hands on so that they can keep some sort security by barely paying the rent and the bills. It seems that getting that money in the bank account so that it doesn’t overdraft is managing the zero balance pretty well. 

Then it is taken a step further to say that “I am flat broke” as if broken wasn’t enough. The word “broke” when used to describe a lack of money and being insolvent. There is one story that says it came from the old Norse word “brok” which meant a man in his underwear.  During a battle, men who were defeated were stripped of their clothes and left lying on the battlefield in their underwear. Demoralized, humiliated, and a broken spirit.

There is the other side of the coin that many metaphysicians say today to concentrate on the good and replace I am broke with I am blessed and that somehow, like magic, money will begin to appear.  I can tell you from personal experience that this is not the case. However, by beginning to recognize that I am whole, I am complete and I am blessed can give me the courage to stand up and face another day. I am encouraged to make a sales call, to reach out and offer services knowing their value instead of reaching out to take some value from someone else.  I do not need to take value away from anyone and I know I have enough of my own to share with others.  In turn, I am reimbursed financially. When I have money I am able to manage my bills without the added stress of where every penny is coming from to make the ends meet. When I recognize I am whole, I am valuable


Skip Sams is a composer, multi-media producer and success coach who lives in Chicago with his cat, Spats.

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