I Am Not My Diagnosis

I have frequently found myself claiming to be a disease or a feeling without even realizing it.  “I am HIV” and “I am bipolar” are phrases that I use to talk about my physical and mental conditions, but they are not accurate.  I have a disease called HIV and I have a bipolar disorder, but these do not define who I am.  HIV is such a small part of me that the doctors don’t even see it in my blood. Having a bipolar disorder does have to dictate my moods or how I live my life. The real truth is that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  These diagnosis’ are just a small part of my existence.

I am also talented, beautiful, innovative, creative, and yes, very healthy.

I am grateful for the miracles of modern medicine and have accepted that this is part of my daily regiment for physical and mental health.  I also get to take care of myself spiritually by meditating, praying to the God of my understanding, enjoying a walk or bike ride, connecting with nature and making music on my ukulele. A diagnosis does not need to consume my whole life because my life is overflowing with an abundance of love and amazing adventures.

I maintain perfect health by balancing my mind, body, and spirit through medication, meditation, and making healthy choices. A diagnosis does not define who I am.

Skip Sams is a music composer, success coach and all around terrific guy who loves to inspire others to live authentically and stand in their truth.  Skip lives in Chicago with his cat, Spats.

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