Just Breathe

We are full of more potential than we even know and we are equipped with limitless power to carry out anything we can imagine. We were born to be creative and we do create our our own realities. We may not have control of all of our circumstances, but we do have the ability to change our perception.

Sometimes, we have so many ideas we want to run with and yet the possibilities can actually be stifling. We get bogged down by questions. Which project to I choose to do now? How do I prioritize? How can I sustain momentum, resources, and concentration? The stories in our heads becoming exhausting beginning any task becomes overwhelming. The excitement turns to anxiety and the anxiety turns to self doubt. The stories have taken so much space in our minds there is no room for oxygen because we forget to breathe.

The most important thing that we need in any given moment, in any circumstance, is the next breath. The breathe comes in through the nose and feeds oxygen to our lungs, pumps it through our veins, and cleanses the brain and makes room for new thoughts. Inhale love and exhale peace.

Clearing the stories of what was or what will be allows us to be present. When we are present we can choose the next thing we can do by looking at what is available right in front of us. We are capable of doing anything we want, but we can not do it all at once. Sometimes, all we can do is take our next breath. Take a slow one and feel it fill your physical body with the spirit of creation and the power of your evolution.

Today I will be aware of my breath. I will recognize the moments when I am lost in my head and I will breath deeply and find my way to the present moment. When I am present, I am empowered to create a the life I imagine. Everything I need is in this next breath

– Skip Sams

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