No Sugar, No Grain – No More Pain, No More Gain – Day 0


I am taking the plunge and challenging myself to 30 days of no processed sugar and no grain AT ALL! Why? I have not been taking care of myself the last couple of years the way that I used to.  I lost my partner and the grieving changed my thought process. I then went through a rotator cuff surgery and that changed my physical abilities for several months. For better or for worse, I gave myself permission to eat cookies, ice cream, and processed foods. Even before these life events I had terrible reflux that builds flem in my throat causing me to clear my throat a couple dozen times a day;  I have had migraines for over four years;  I have gained quite a bit of weight which makes it difficult to be more active. On top of all of this, there are days I just don’t feel good mentally or physically.  As someone who lives with a clinical mental diagnosis, I don’t need anything to attribute any more suffering, I want to eat healthy foods that enhance the joy of wellness.  So, now instead of saying I deserve the $3.00 cupcake and $5.00 half gallon of ice cream, I will reach for the $3.99 pineapple and the $5.00 pint of plain greek yogurt. This is the food my body truly deserves!

Skip Sams works with individuals and groups around the world to identify their goals and achieve them successfully with sustainability. He lives in Chicago, IL with his cat, Spats.
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